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Biosenta Announces Signing Marketing Agreement for its high potency Disinfectant

TORONTO, Oct. 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Biosenta Inc. (Biosenta) announces that it has signed an agreement with F&M Merchant Group LLC (F&M) to launch its disinfectant, named “True,” in the U.S. market.

Mr. Rogers, Biosenta’s Chairman and CEO, said that “Launching True is a significant step forward. We received EPA approval for the label in 2015 and are now in a position to launch this product. True is unique as a disinfectant as it does not require a warning, caution or danger label because it is not harmful to people like most other disinfectants. Yet, True is a very potent killer of bacteria, viruses and molds.”

Mr. Rogers added that “F&M is a qualified and very capable promoter of new products and we have high confidence that they can help us make True a national brand.”

About Biosenta Inc.

Biosenta Inc. develops and manufactures a range of chemical compounds for household and industrial applications using advanced encapsulated nanotechnology.

Other household disinfectants and cleaners possess similar levels of efficacy as traditional disinfectants. But Biosenta products contain significantly lower concentrations of active ingredients resulting in lower toxicity.

Biosenta disinfectants and cleaners will kill 99.9% of potentially deadly mold, fungi, bacteria and viruses on contact and prevent re-growth. Biosenta disinfectants are very safe due to the very low toxicity.

Biosenta industrial compounds are embedded to protect various materials, including drywall, plastic and resins, from microbe formation.

These compounds remain active for decades and protect the drywall of buildings, objects such as resin furniture, and carpet rubber backing and synthetic tufts which contain plastic or resin, as well as textiles and paper from mold, fungi, bacteria and viruses. Both the Biosenta household and industrial products are environmentally safe and biodegradable.


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For further information contact:

Dene Rogers, President and CEO
Biosenta Inc.
18 Wynford Drive, Suite 704
Toronto, ON   M3C 3S2
Phone: 416-410-2019

Monday, October 15, 2018 - 10:58