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Biohit GastroPanel® accurately predicted the progression of atrophic gastritis and its transition to gastric cancer in a European multicenter trial

Biohit Oyj press release 05.09.2018 klo 10.10 local time (EEST)

A Dutch research group working at Erasmus University (Rotterdam), headed by internationally recognized professor Kuipers, together with Norwegian researchers has published an important study in a leading gastroenterology journal (GUT, 2018);0:1–9. doi:10.1136/gutjnl-2017-314498)(1). GastroPanel proved to be an accurate predictor of incident gastric cancer.

The authors analysed the value of the four GastroPanel biomarkers: pepsinogen I (PGI), pepsinogen II (PGII), Helicobacter pylori (HP) antibody, gastrin-17 (G-17) and PGI/PGII ratio as predictors of disease progression and development of gastric cancer among patients with clinically diagnosed atrophic gastritis. This multicenter trial was run in six hospitals in the Netherlands and one hospital in Norway. The study cohort included 279 patients, all previously diagnosed as atrophic gastritis in gastroscopy and biopsies. All patients were tested by GastroPanel and subjected to gastroscopy during the follow-up period (1).

Chief Medical Director, Professor Kari Syrjänen, Biohit Oyj: “During the mean follow-up of 57 months  (SD ±36 months), atrophic gastritis progressed to more severe grade in 11 patients (4%), and four (1.4%) developed the immediate cancer precursor lesion (dysplasia) or gastric cancer.  Patients could be stratified into low- and high-risk groups for disease progression, by combining the ratio of two GastroPanel biomarkers (PGI/PGII ratio) and the severity of gastric pathology (OLGIM class) at baseline. These results confirm the observations reported by two large population-based studies in 2016-2017, indicating that the PGI/PGII ratio in GastroPanel examination was the most significant independent predictor of gastric cancer during a long-term (over 10-year) follow-up (2,3).”

CEO Semi Korpela, Biohit Oyj: “This recent European multi-center study further reinforces the concept on unique GastroPanel as a highly applicable examination, except for diagnosis of dyspepsia and helicobacter infection (4), also in the monitoring of atrophic gastritis patients without need for repeated gastroscopies ( This (1) and the previous studies (2,3) confirm that GastroPanel offers a sensitive and specific method for cost-effective (5) screening of gastric cancer risks (atrophic gastritis) both in risk patients and at the population level. The currently used tests in diagnosis of dyspepsia and helicobacter infection, 13C-urea breath test and stool antigen test, completely fail to detect the gastric cancer risk condition, i.e., atrophic gastritis (4,6).”


1. den Hollander WJ, Holster IL, den Hoed CM, Capelle LG, Tang TJ, Anten MP, Prytz-Berset I, Witteman EM, Ter Borg F, Hartog GD, Bruno MJ, Peppelenbosch MP, Lesterhuis W, Doukas M, Kuipers EJ, Spaander MCW. Surveillance of premalignant gastric lesions: a multicentre prospective cohort study from low incidence regions. Gut 2018;0:1–9. doi:10.1136/gutjnl-2017-314498 [Epub ahead of print]

2. Kurilovich S, Belkovets A, Reshetnikov O, Openko T, Malyutina S, Ragino Y, Scherbakova L, Leja M, Paloheimo L, Syrjänen K, Voevoda M. Stomach-specific Biomarkers (GastroPanel) Can Predict the Development of Gastric Cancer in a Caucasian Population: A Longitudinal Nested Case-Control Study in Siberia. Anticancer Res. 2016;36(1):247-253.

3. Tu H, Sun L, Dong X, Gong Y, Xu Q, Jing J, Bostick RM, Wu X, Yuan Y.A Serological Biopsy Using Five Stomach-Specific Circulating Biomarkers for Gastric Cancer Risk Assessment: A Multi-Phase Study. Am J Gastroenterol. 2017;112(5):704-715.

4. Syrjänen K. Serological Biomarker Panel (GastroPanel®): A Test for Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Dyspeptic Symptoms and for Comprehensive Detection of Helicobacter pylori Infection.  Biomark. J 2017;3:1-10.



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