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Australian Based myDNA(TM) Launches In United States

LOS ANGELES, May 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- myDNA, an Australian Wellness DNA company that decodes the information in our genes to deliver actionable insights that help consumers make better health, wellness and lifestyle decisions, announced today the launch of its Wellness & Nutrition and Vitamins DNA Test Kits in the United States. Founded in 2007 by leading Clinical Geneticist, Associate Professor Leslie Sheffield, myDNA aims to unlock the power of personal genomics for everyday consumers.

"The key to wellness lives in our DNA," said Dr. Leslie Sheffield, Co-Founder and Executive Director of myDNA. "Americans take an active approach to their health and wellness, so we are excited to bring our products and expertise to consumers who are interested in continually improving their lifestyle decisions."

Through ongoing scientific research and the process of genetic testing, myDNA turns individual insights from the Wellness & Nutrition and Vitamins DNA Tests into actionable and evidence-based recommendations with understandable, accessible and secure reports, as well as fitness and meal plans, to help consumers use their DNA to reveal their best selves. With these personalized reports and plans, Assoc Prof Sheffield, alongside a team of pharmacists, molecular and clinical geneticists, nutritionists, genetic counsellors and dieticians, have found success in improving individual health and wellness, while the company's commitment to making genetics accessible to consumers in Australia has proved to support everyday health outcomes.

As added credence, myDNA has signed celebrity trainer, speaker and athlete Luke Milton as its U.S. brand ambassador. Milton founded Training Mate in Sydney, Australia and quickly established himself as a leader in the fitness community. He now lives in Los Angeles where he opened three Training Mate Studios in Santa Monica, Studio City and West Hollywood. He also trains celebrities like Rachel McAdams, Ashley Tisdale, Elle Macpherson, Khloe Kardashian and Teri Hatcher.

"I am thrilled to be myDNA's first U.S. based brand ambassador," said Luke Milton. "The brand's active approach to personalized genomics relates to my belief that a healthy lifestyle is a combination of physical, social and mental health."

myDNA's U.S. products will include:

Nutrition & Fitness (MSRP $99) providing personalized Nutrition, Fitness and Caffeine Reports. The Nutrition Insights identify seven genes that influence an individual's weight and wellness. Based on the genetic results, the report provides actionable insights including a nutritional guide with recipes tailored to their DNA results and weight goals. The Fitness Insights also uses seven genes that help determine the best exercise approach including an eight-week fitness plan and progress tracker tailored to the individual's genetic make-up. There's also a Caffeine Report which identifies four genes that help determine how a person might process caffeine and provides actionable insights to establish better daily routines and improve sleep quality.

Vitamins (MSRP $89) identifies 12 genes that help determine a person's need for nine different vitamins and minerals. Based on genetic results, myDNA provides Vitamin Insights which flag vitamins and minerals that should have less or more focus in a person's diet. The report includes a personalized food guide and other suggestions to maintain optimal vitamin and mineral levels for a healthy lifestyle.

Each myDNA kit includes a swab, unique registration code for the myDNA portal, label and pre-paid envelope to send the swab back to its labs to be analyzed. Once myDNA receives samples, the lab and scientific team process the results in two weeks and publish a personalized report inside the individual's secure myDNA portal. The reports provide a blueprint for managing wellness and nutrition throughout an individual's lifetime and can assist in deciding which eating styles and exercise choices might be best, based on a person's genetics. Reports and genetic data remain strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third parties without the individual's consent. Consumer's information is under lock and key through myDNA's technology platform where privacy and data security protocols are essential.

For more information or to purchase myDNA products, please visit or search for myDNA on Amazon.


myDNA is an Australian Wellness DNA business that decodes the information in our genes to deliver actionable insights that help us make better health, wellness and lifestyle decisions. myDNA's clinical team consists of pharmacists, molecular and clinical geneticists, nutritionists, genetic counsellors and dieticians. It is led by Associate Professor Leslie Sheffield, who has been at the forefront of genetic research since the 1980s. All insights provided by myDNA are backed by scientific, evidence-based research reviewed by its clinical team in collaboration with dieticians, exercise physiologists, nutritionists and trainers. The company then interprets this research, in combination with a customer's genetic results and personal lifestyle factors, to provide a unique report that's easily digestible, insight focused and easy to action. myDNA's personalized reports can help an individual throughout their life by recommending nutritional, fitness and vitamin adjustments that are unique to their DNA. To learn more, visit or follow myDNA on Facebook and Instagram.

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