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Apotheca Biosciences (PCFP) Announces the Roll Out of Apotheca Earth, Direct to Business & Consumer Medical Grade CBD Products - Apotheca Earth to Begin National Sales & Marketing Campaign

SAINT PETERSBURG, FL, Dec. 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE – Apotheca Biosciences (OTC PINK: PCFP), a developer of cutting-edge medical products, nutraceuticals, drug formulations, and cannabis delivery technologies for the healthcare and consumer care industry, is pleased to announce the Company's plans to roll out of their new line of CBD products for businesses and consumers under the business brand of Apotheca Earth. Apotheca Earth is poised to deliver some of the highest quality CBD products on the market and their products come with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA). In addition to producing the highest quality CBD, Apotheca Earth also offers wholesale prices for the businesses or distributors that would like to private label.

Apotheca is at the forefront of medical technologies with their CBD product line, which includes pain cream, vapes, capsules (dry tabs and gel caps), and tinctures. We are working with ISO certified USA based manufacturers to produce our line of capsules, and both dry tabs like the melatonin-rich sleep and gel capsule product will be extremely high-quality CBD. Apotheca innovates in the CBD industry by producing the high-quality USA based hemp derived CBD at prices lower than the competitors.

Company is expected to ramp up its nationwide sales and marketing drive to distribute medical grade non-OTC CBD products direct to consumers and to businesses for white label.

“We’ve gone through quality planning and development of our CBD products under the Apotheca Earth brand and believe that having our products backed by CoA will be a major selling point for the consumers who are looking for a high-quality product made in the USA,” said John Verghese, Chief Technical Officer at Apotheca Biosciences.

2018 Farm Bill, Hemp and CBD Oil

In 2014, the hemp industry enjoyed a breakthrough when President Obama authorized states to allow hemp to be grown as part of state-approved pilot programs. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, the new hemp language paves the way for hemp to be reclassified as an agricultural commodity. This major coming shift will have a positive impact on hemp-derived CBD and its accessibility to sufferers across the medical spectrum from PTSD to opioid addiction. The entire industry will benefit from this move, leading to more awareness of CBD oil and hemp across the globe.

According to Forbes; With about $867 billion in investments, the Farm Bill affects all of us we rely on our food system every day of our lives. While it might seem far removed from our dining room table as it’s debated, the reality is that the current version of the Farm Bill presents both opportunities and threats, has winners and losers. Hemp and its derivatives such as CBD will be the big winners.

Apotheca Biosciences is a pioneering biotech company with an emphasis in research and development in addition to the creation of high-grade nutraceuticals and cosmetics. The health of our customers takes precedence and our solid business strategy ensures focus on customer well-being. Our goal is to lay the groundwork and continue research of cannabinoid receptiveness in patients and create nutraceuticals that reflects our strategy and research.

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About Apotheca Biosciences Inc.

Apotheca is a developer of cutting-edge medical products, nutraceuticals, formulation and delivery technologies for the healthcare and consumer care industry. Its pipeline of products includes, transdermal, sublingual, and nasal delivery technologies for precise and controlled dosing of cannabinoids. Apotheca believes that it can deliver meaningful benefits using its technologies to the world’s aging population.

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