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Antonin Bukovsky announces the publication of the book "Immune System Dominant Role in Tissue Homeostasis, Neo-Oogenesis, Regenerative Medicine, and Cancer Growth and Treatment"

NEW YORK, June 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- ANTONIN BUKOVSKY, MD, Ph.D. an Obstetrics and Gynecology specialist along with collaborators wrote and published the first evidence that the appearance of new eggs in sexually mature human females can be detected.

In 2005, along with collaborators, he also wrote and published the first evidence that oocytes are developing in cultures derived from adult human ovaries, the article received noticeable press release around the world.

The immune system has a double prevailing function in disposal of non-self-cells and substances, including contaminations, by insusceptible reconnaissance, and dynamic advancement of tissue-specific recovery by empowering asymmetric division and enabling differentiation of undeveloped cells in typical tissues. The scientists concentrated on immune homeostasis of normal tissues, fetus implantation, and development, malignancy progression and possible prophylaxis, and immunotherapy for cutting edge tumors.

The immune system components, including CD8+ Treg cells, monocyte-derived cells (MDCs), and immunoglobulins, are involved in a complex tissue control system (TCS) that also includes vascular pericytes accompanying postcapillary venules, which are stimulating the early differentiation of postmitotic stem cell daughters, and endothelial cells in proliferating structures, e.g., ovarian follicles. The activity of pericytes is regulated by perivascular autonomic innervation, which controls the quantity of each specific tissue type. Perivascular autonomic innervation is absent in malignant tissues, where the vascular pericytes exhibit an extreme level of activity resulting in the unlimited cancer cell proliferation stimulated by the host CD8+ Treg cells and its progressive vascularization.

During the development of the mammalian organisms, the immune system not only learns what self is, but also learns the stages of tissue differentiation from their stem cells to the final functional state. Alteration of certain tissue early prenatal development causes alteration of that tissue function during postnatal life, either due to a failure to reach the functional stage, e.g., muscular dystrophy or due to pass it and enter functional degeneration, e.g., type 1 diabetes. Aging is associated with immune system regression that causes gonadal infertility and aging diseases, which can be temporarily improved by blood transfusions from young donors and extended by substances stimulating the immune system and activating the thymus, like honeybee propolis. Improvement of hypertension and type 2 diabetes, permitting half reduction of medications, was seen after nearby and foundational utilization of propolis ethanol separate. The durable immunotherapy without cytoreductive surgery given to avert the progressed inoperable ovarian malignant growth malady by eliminating cancer cells and reestablishing the meta statistically altered tissues was also observed.

Medicines with intermittent portions of cyclophosphamide, combined with intradermal bacterial toxins and blood transfusions, kills host antibodies blocking anticancer T cell effectors, upgrades anticancer immune reactivity, and expands safe reactivity against alloantigen of cancer cells. The medications that seem to possibly diminish the danger of malignancy and improve disease survival are shiitake mushrooms and oral metformin.

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