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Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Announces Progress on Antibody-Radioisotope Conjugate Initiative

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Corporation (“APC” or the “Company”) (TSXV: APC) (FSE: 0E8), is pleased to report significant progress in applying the Company’s site-selective linker technology to advance the rapidly growing field of antibody-radioisotope conjugates.

APC has initiated a program to create well-defined, chemically controlled constructs that are expected to display higher selectivity and efficiency than has previously been available in the field of radiopharmaceuticals.

The Company is now pleased to disclose that it has successfully created antibody-chelator conjugates site-selectively. This has been accomplished by combining the blockbuster antibody Trastuzumab, used primarily in the treatment of breast cancer, with industry standard DOTA chelators used in targeted Beta particle therapy employing Lutetium-177, as well as other radionuclides.

To the Company’s knowledge, this work provides the first examples of antibody-chelator conjugates that have been produced site-selectively by chemical modification at preferred lysine residues of the native antibody. APC’s approach has the further advantage that the chemical composition of the antibody framework itself does not require labor intensive modification prior to attachment of the chelator payload. Thus antibody-chelator conjugates can be rapidly and economically assembled. APC has filed new patents to protect this work and has begun discussions with potential partners to move development forward.

Dr. Allen Krantz, CSO and Founder of APC commented, “APC’s goal is to demonstrate that our site-selective linker technology can create antibody-radioisotope-conjugates with superior properties and advantages over competitive technologies."

Bill Dickie, President and CEO of APC added, “Lutetium-177 DOTA-based, targeted Beta particle therapy, is well-established clinically and commercially, and our work in this area enables APC to pursue valuable potential partnerships that can elevate the Company’s commercial prospects and market position.” 


Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Corporation is developing a proprietary technology to directly target cancerous tumors and avoid destroying normal cells.  This type of agent is capable of greater potency, higher specificity and lower toxicity than other therapies that can also attack healthy cells.  The Company is working to streamline the process by which these agents are prepared, which to date, has been extremely cumbersome, limiting their potential.


Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Corporation

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