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P&T News

February 5

Development of “Immune/Transduction Modulator” Gaining Momentum
Treatment for Adults With Symptomatic Tenosynovial Giant Cell Tumor
Biomechanical Vascular Closure Device Reduces Time to Hemostasis
Antiepilectic Drug Given as Adjunct Therapy in Adults With Certain Seizure Types

January 31

New Resource Offers Best Practices for Capturing Data to Support FDA’s UDI Rule
Key Finding Shows 65% of Patients Diagnosed With Early-Stage Lung Cancer
Treatment Improves Motor Function, Preserves Neurons
Possible One-Time Treatment for Rare Pediatric CLN2 Disease
Trial Demonstrated Significantly Improved Survival Rates

January 29

New Chemotherapy-Free Option for Treating CLL and SLL
Involved Patients 80% Less Likely to Seek Legal Counsel
Advantage for Patients with PIK3CA Mutations Regardless of HPV Status
Drug Could Become New Standard of Care for aHus Patients

January 24

New Design Offers More Reliable SQ Delivery of Diabetes Meds  
New Influenza Vaccine Option Could Streamline Immunization Efforts
Sole FDA-Approved Test for Sexually Transmitted Infection
Drug Could Treat Cognitive Dysfunction and Other Symptoms

January 22

Herceptin Biosimilar Indicated for HER2-Overexpressing Breast Cancer, Metastatic Breast Cancer, and Metastatic Gastric Cancer
“EsophaCap” Uses Genetic Biomarkers to Detect Dangerous Changes in the Cells Lining the Esophagus
First Investigational Gene Therapy for Monogenic Heart Failure Syndrome