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Industry Trends

ACA controversy aside, insurers have often avoided the countryside
The $5.1 billion deal may be an effort to duck antitrust problems
Are people tuning out those lengthy lists of adverse effects?
An estimated 9% of charges are initially denied
Agency takes steps under new Drug Competition Action Plan
Designated sepsis nurses and coordinators make a difference
Chronic diseases claim millions of lives and cost trillions of dollars, report finds
Industry influences working group’s deliberations, report contends
Officials suspect marketing scheme to promote chronic opioid use
Move blurs line between payer and provider
Most respondents anticipate increased drug expenses over the next five years
6% to 7% annual cost hikes outpace nation’s economic growth
Revisions include 322 more changes than CMS proposed in April
Directive will include use of value-based contracts for drug purchases
More than half worry about affordable health insurance in the future
Guidelines offer treatment alternatives
Article describes four key cost-saving strategies
Senate Republicans face another hurdle