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Industry Trends

Studies at ESMO may lead to wider use of medications
Quest Analysis of 3.4 million tests shows evidence of dangerous drug combinations
In 13 years, use of paper-only patient health records fell from 69% to 1%
More timely stroke care can improve patient outcomes
The drop occurred with both brick-and-mortar and mail-order pharmacies
Company faces the challenge of proving the complex treatment can be manufactured and administered at commercial scale
Some analysts find the price “cost-effective,” while advocates decry it as “excessive”
New economic analysis suggests the drug is worth the $9,669 annual price tag
Annual list costs need to drop dramatically to meet cost-effectiveness thresholds
New medical device user fee agreement establishes central digital health unit
Company accepts independent annual review of its Medicaid drug rebate practices
Scientists’ contributions “revolutionized biomedical research”
Such suits are seeking to holding pharma partially accountable for the opioid epidemic
Policy linked to newly updated requirements for government employee ID cards
Drug-makers utilizing this strategy to better understand the value of their products
Fewer patients have access to the lifesaving heart drugs
It may be harder than thought to use “consumerism” to drive down health care costs
Other household names are among 17 knocked off the formulary