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Industry Trends

Delivery of care also likely to change, leaders tell Aon
Monitoring the Future survey shows marijuana use remains common
Biotech companies, often younger and smaller, fare better
Industry will provide funding for programs in partnership with Addiction Policy Forum
Pfizer launches generic to counteract Teva’s version
Agency aims to reduce the cost of expensive drugs and treatments
New technology would allow oral dosing of drugs typically administered by injection
Merger partners say they’ll be able to push down drug costs
Agency would decide later if benefits were real or coincidental
Researchers find opioid-agonist treatment saves lives and money compared with detox
Four in 10 U.S. cases and deaths are linked to risk factors we can change
Under guidelines, nearly half of U.S. population will be diagnosed with hypertension
The less-expensive biosimilar will cut into J&J’s nearly $5 billion annual sales of infliximab
National Safety Council to launch education campaign
A random set of patients could “test” drugs nearing an OK
Tighter prescribing, drug courts also recommended
One in 10 naloxone-rescued OD patients die within a year
New grant will allow ICER to evaluate all newly approved U.S. medicines
Forty-six states allege drug manufacturers restrained competition