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Industry Trends

Insurers, PBMs respond by blaming drug-makers for steep prices
Steps needed to mass-produce vaccines using cell-based and other technologies
One-time chief of Turing Pharmaceuticals may be out a Picasso
Real-world evidence is attracting a lot of attention, pro and con
A similar share keep their password and user name next to their computer
The companies hope to tap into a $4 billion market
Drug’s $18,275 price tag saves patients less than $3,000 versus the branded product
Generics-maker Mylan can proceed with patent challenge
PhRMA calls for reforms to allow more of these arrangements
But lawmakers are far from united on the issue
New CEO believes “breakthrough innovations” are key to future growth
Law journal article considers the strategy’s legal and ethical implications
Award was largest ever in a U.S. patent case
U.S. health care spending to climb 5.3% in 2018, agency predicts
$100 billion “investment” in basic science accounted for 20% of NIH spending in 2010–2016
White House report proposes several ways to lower drug prices
Senator’s investigation found a “lack of transparency” surrounding the donations
Of 30-plus price hikes, all have so far honored a 10% cap, GlobalData says
Purdue Pharma has been a lightning-rod for criticism and lawsuits
In general, the West Coast outscores the deep South