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Industry Trends

Researchers found no association between clinical value and cost
Agency is not be seeking to participate as an active litigant
Researchers propose that pharmacists can help improve medication-related care and lower costs
Total global use of antibiotics increased nearly 40% in 15-year period
Company hopes added transparency will “rationalize” drug pricing
More than half of the drugs rose in price by more than 50% over five-year span
Advocacy groups, former FDA commissioners express concern
Shingrix now available at more than 9,800 CVS pharmacies around the U.S.
More drugs or more costly drugs are being prescribed, industry trade group says
Report identifies critical need to minimize financial toxicity and increase access
Regeneron, Sanofi offer price reductions
Insurers, PBMs respond by blaming drug-makers for steep prices
Steps needed to mass-produce vaccines using cell-based and other technologies
One-time chief of Turing Pharmaceuticals may be out a Picasso