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Industry Trends

Study of posted prices finds wild variations and missing data
Acasti reports disappointing results for a second Omega-3-based drug
So far in January, the increases average 5%
Can screen and refer their young patients
Rationing, canceled treatments, and fearful patients
Hovering flights lower packages by cable and winch
The number of those with an annual drug spend of $250K or more has increased by 60%
Humira, Rituxan top list of drugs that added $5.1 billion to nation's health care bill
Lower court rulings cleared the way for generic versions of the MS drug
Maryland man wins lawsuit that alleges that the company's antipsychotic caused his gynecomastia
Related Settlement Would End Many but Not All Lawsuits
Deep Learning System Identifies Potential Fibrosis Treatments
Ultra-Expensive, Rare Disease Drugs Creating Huge Problems
Obesity is the Likely Culprit, Study Says
Judge: Company Breached Public Nuisance Law
Improves Care for Critically Ill Patients
May Stabilize Patient for Up to One Hour, Allow EMS Time to Arrive
NY Hospitals Required to Implement Protocols in Suspected Cases
Record-High Number of Cases in France, Italy, Greece, Other Locations
Novel, Low-cost Device Highly Accurate at Screening Newborn Jaundice
Technology Designed to Improve Patient Care, Limit Infections
Inexpensive, Wearable Therapy Increases Arm Mobility, Reduces Stiffness
National Statistics Report Factors In Race, Ethnicity for the First Time
California Woman Claimed Asbestos in Talc-Based Powder Caused Her Mesothelioma
Non-Invasive Therapy for Patients Who are Nonresponsive to Antidepressants
Vials Being Rationed, Only One Manufacturer
Several Health Insurers Now Consider DBS Therapy for Epilepsy a Covered Indication
Policy Could Be Life-Changing for People With Spinal Cord Injury
Health Outcomes Have No Improvement