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Drug Safety Issues

CDC recommends retesting for certain children, pregnant women, and nursing mothers
Some health care centers find ways to “game” the system
Treatments should be monitored throughout their life cycles, authors advise
Preventable errors kill more than a thousand patients every day in the U.S.
Lithium batteries drain prematurely
Pacemakers and insulin pumps may be vulnerable
Devices may not power up, charge, or deliver shock therapy
Procedure should be avoided in small heart vessels
Analysts find HIT-related mistakes at every step of medication-use process
Irritable bowel drug should be avoided in patients without a gallbladder
“We can and must do better,” new article’s authors say
“Tailgating” vexes Brigham and Women’s
Did the rush to market come at a price?
Symptoms worsened significantly in two patients after treatment
Duodenoscope maker on hot seat for patient deaths