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Drug Safety Issues

No tobacco product is safe, says the lung heath group
Study points to permanent hair dye and straighteners
Score could help prevent misuse among cancer patients
A new way to fight staph infections
FDA says new Pentax design is easier to clean
Agency guidance seeks to inform women about implant risks
While many victims used THC, the cause remains elusive
Nitrosamine Impurity Also Affects Other Ranitidine Drugs
Vitamin E Found in Samples Around the Country
Study Links Them to Premature Death
Young People Getting Life-Threatening, “Old People” Lung Disease
What to Watch For, What to Do
But Experts Warn About Potential Danger
They’re Hard to Clean, Putting Patients at Risk
Rare But Serious Side Effects Linked to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors
Device Use Should Continue–Remote Monitoring Benefits Outweigh Cyberattack Risks
41,000+ Medical Device Reports of Deaths, Serious Injuries, and Malfunctions in 7 Years
Purportedly Sterile Products Made in Unsanitary Conditions, Judge Says
Safety Risks for Patients Undergoing Mastectomies and Cancer Surgeries
Antiepilectic Drug Given as Adjunct Therapy in Adults With Certain Seizure Types
Injecting Corrupted Drug Could Cause Phlebitis, Pulmonary Embolic Events
Patients with MS Suffered Stroke, Blood Vessel Tearing in Head and Neck After Receiving Drug
Use of Non-Approved Pain Medications Could Cause Dosing Errors, Pump Failures
NDEA, a Known Carcinogen, Discovered During FDA Testing
Mixup with Losartan Discovered in Bottles
Warning Letters Issued for Products Resembling Juice Boxes, Cookies and Candy