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Drug Safety Issues

Antiepilectic Drug Given as Adjunct Therapy in Adults With Certain Seizure Types
Injecting Corrupted Drug Could Cause Phlebitis, Pulmonary Embolic Events
Patients with MS Suffered Stroke, Blood Vessel Tearing in Head and Neck After Receiving Drug
Use of Non-Approved Pain Medications Could Cause Dosing Errors, Pump Failures
NDEA, a Known Carcinogen, Discovered During FDA Testing
Mixup with Losartan Discovered in Bottles
Warning Letters Issued for Products Resembling Juice Boxes, Cookies and Candy
Some studies had linked the device to harmful side effects.
Part of an ongoing effort to better oversee use of compounded medications.
An impurity has been found to be carcinogenic.
Agency says products for sexual enhancement, weight loss, and bodybuilding have hidden drugs and chemicals.
Agency cites serious safety risk, lack of benefit
Agency cites deficiencies; Cantrell criticizes communication
Biogen, AbbVie blame reports of inflammatory brain disorders
Death toll linked with Asian plant rises to 44
Some liver-disease patients face risk of injury
Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America provides guidance