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Research News

Causes include growing population of older adults
Potentially harmful bacteria acquire antibiotic-resistance genes
Finding could lead to the first broadly effective ebolavirus therapies and vaccines
Researchers analyzed data from large studies that included more than 800,000 men
Median and five-year relative survival is improving, especially for those younger than age 50
If used nationwide, “billions of dollars” in health care costs could be avoided
Squamous-cell carcinomas increased 263% in 2000–2010
Agency attributes increase mainly to rising rates of injection-drug use
Bacteria arrived in guts of world’s first terrestrial animals, researchers say
Risk of myocardial infarction can increase within one week, authors find
Pathogen “steals” extra RNA to start the replication process
Evidence suggests the drugs do not have negative long-term effects on patient outcomes or brain structure
Inhibition of the enzyme RIOK1 could stop the growth of tumors and the development of metastases