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Research News

Approach could help slow growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Outcomes Improve for Those With and Without a History of Prior CV Events
Mortality falls in patients when CRP dips in first three months
Research shows connections between glucose metabolism, Alzheimer’s pathology
Some minorities—particularly African-Americans—remain underrepresented
Rate of high total cholesterol falls from 18.3% to 12.4%
Socioeconomic status doesn’t explain all the discrepancies
Regulatory rules are the key to achieving future savings, RAND says
Alternative offers better pain relief, could help curb opioid epidemic
Figures are even higher for minorities and women
“Moonshot” goal: Spread success to patients in half the time
When patients wrongly report drug allergies, doctors use inferior drugs, study finds
Rapid testing approach may help speed effective treatment
Presentation of the treatment may be as important as the treatment itself