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Research News

Abnormal readings for an individual could suggest possible illness
Demographic, environmental, economic, and social factors may play a part
Insurance claims citing type-2 diabetes more than doubled in youth from 2011 to 2015
National Academies committee reviews the most recent research
Better patient education, monitoring, and early lifestyle changes may help
Alzheimer’s patients who took the drugs had twice the risk for fractures
Metformin appears to “turn on” fetal hemoglobin production
Removal of stomach acid increases infection risk
Technique could reduce drug levels needed to treat diseases
University of Rochester researchers investigate cancer-related cognitive impairment
Laparoscopic bypass reduces stomach to the size of an egg
Twenty medical problems account for half of all expenses
Ohio hospital saves $1.36 million in one year
Inhibiting the Wnt5a ligand may be a new and effective therapeutic approach