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Research News

Lancet publishes meta-analysis pooling almost 120,000 patients
In interim assessment of vaccine effectiveness, young children do better
Study finds fetal alcohol spectrum disorders could be as common as autism
Cheap-and-easy test could aid search for Alzheimer’s disease treatments
NIH spearheads efforts to speed disease-altering treatments
Researchers analyzed prescribing patterns for more than six million children
New AHA guidelines permit procedure for a much longer period
Report from National Academies reaches mixed conclusions
After five years, about half of recipients held onto cardiovascular benefits
32 states experience high activity levels in week ending January 13
Overall survival rose by about one-third in a European study
Low levels of the mineral are common among women
Researchers collaborated to study the effect of advances in screening and treatment
Replacing daily pills with a weekly regimen could help patients adhere to therapy
Getting the shot every year was about twice as effective