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Research News

A meta-analysis that included 18 million participants found no protection from heart disease or stroke.
European researchers looked at arthritis’ patients reactions when being switched from etanercept or nfliximab.
Polypharmacy, including both prescription and OTC drugs, increase risk
Newer data and statistical methods can improve diagnosis and prescribing
A modified form of adoptive cell transfer targets mutations
Incidence increased 61% over a 14-year period
Scientists find new molecular target for developing safer pain medications
Gemcitabine flush is cost-effective and potentially “practice-changing”
Approach would allow for drug testing in patients before clinical symptoms appear
New collaborative opportunities underway to create change
Number of Alzheimer’s deaths increased 123% while deaths from other major causes decreased over 15-year period
Risk approaches 13% for women who fall ill early in pregnancy
Increased risk of high-frequency hearing loss pegged at 60%
Researchers say this real-world study in Canada should also apply to the U.S.