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Research News

Approach would allow for drug testing in patients before clinical symptoms appear
New collaborative opportunities underway to create change
Number of Alzheimer’s deaths increased 123% while deaths from other major causes decreased over 15-year period
Risk approaches 13% for women who fall ill early in pregnancy
Increased risk of high-frequency hearing loss pegged at 60%
Researchers say this real-world study in Canada should also apply to the U.S.
The results from a seven-year study were “entirely unexpected”
Nearly 64% achieved healthy levels after barbers promoted follow-up
Findings challenge common practice of increasing doses at early signs of worsening symptoms
Balanced fluids slightly reduce deaths, kidney problems in large studies
The longer it takes emergency personnel to arrive, the greater the benefit of AED use
Study considered postpartum women, adolescents, and those with history of depression
Lancet publishes meta-analysis pooling almost 120,000 patients
In interim assessment of vaccine effectiveness, young children do better
Study finds fetal alcohol spectrum disorders could be as common as autism