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More research is needed to confirm the finding
Study shows "complex genetic risk architecture"
Study says yes, interventions cuts need for meds
Review of 18 studies finds that medium doses have the strongest effects
Research suggests that stress mitigation could be an effective intervention strategy
Children, parents with ADHD benefit from parenting intervention
A new 'road map' might make it easier
Your heart will thank you
Seems like the 2013 Guidelines are having an impact
Biomarker blood tests pick up subtle clues
Meeting 'zombie cells' along the way
The answer may offer a potential treatment for the disease
New results from scrapped studies show promise for high doses
The hedgehog signaling pathway may block a crucial step
After a 30-year drive, just one variety remains
Antidepressants, ADHD meds are also used to self-poison
Data show PTC Therapeutics drug preserves lung function
U.S. maintains measles elimination status as NY outbreak ebbs
Rodent model suggests that TOM-1 protein may control key step in inflammatory underpinnings
Results based on 60 years of follow-up of a placebo-controlled BCG study conducted among Native Americans
Controversial review contradicts prevailing wisdom about negative health consequences of red, processed meat consumption
Addition of the checkpoint inhibitor increased complete response
A positive sign for PARP inhibitors as treatment drugs for prostate cancer
Bleeding Risk Means Patients Should Consult With Physician Before Taking Aspirin
TIMP-1, IL-6 Seem To Team Up To Fend Off Tx drugs
Study of Mixed Martial Arts Fighters, Rugby Players Could Lead to Improved Dx of TBI
In Today's Wired World, Kids Are At Risk of Melting Down–And Worse
Media erodes self-esteem and contributes to sleep deprivation