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Such drugs often block the serotonin that other organs need
New study puts price of 10 cancer drugs at $648 million each
Less expensive corticosteroids could treat the same problems
Study is first to assess risk through objective measure of psoriasis severity
Spanish study overturns dogma that infarction is followed by progressive repair of injured myocardium
Damage to the joint may be “partly preventable,” researchers say
Analysis finds that the prescribing disparity is greatest among general practitioners
Five-year grant awarded to Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Health System
Large variations in readings were associated with a higher risk of dementia
Investing $4.70 per newborn could generate $300 billion in economic gains by 2025
9-year-old treated for 40 weeks in infancy is the third such reported case
Patients who discontinue statins increase their risk for death, heart attack, or stroke
A 5% drop would cause annual measles cases to triple, according to study
Physical activity, blood pressure control, cognitive training all help
Bandage-strip–sized patch could transform immunizations