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March 27

Company hopes added transparency will “rationalize” drug pricing
More than half of the drugs rose in price by more than 50% over five-year span

March 23

Initial 2007 approval allowed use of the drug only in adult patients
How will it impact the competition?
Option approved to treat all forms of diabetic retinopathy in people with or without diabetic macular edema
Advocacy groups, former FDA commissioners express concern
First FDA-approved regimen in frontline stage III or IV classical Hodgkin’s lymphoma in more than 40 years

March 20

Study is ongoing to determine overall survival in patients with certain lung cancer
Shingrix now available at more than 9,800 CVS pharmacies around the U.S.
New collaborative opportunities underway to create change
Number of Alzheimer’s deaths increased 123% while deaths from other major causes decreased over 15-year period
Treatment tested after bunionectomy and hernia repair surgery

March 15

More drugs or more costly drugs are being prescribed, industry trade group says
Risk approaches 13% for women who fall ill early in pregnancy
Alexion announces positive top-line results for ALXN1210 in PNH
Increased risk of high-frequency hearing loss pegged at 60%
Janssen drug targets metastatic urothelial cancer, marked by poor outcomes

March 13

Report identifies critical need to minimize financial toxicity and increase access
Nearly 64% achieved healthy levels after barbers promoted follow-up
Researchers say this real-world study in Canada should also apply to the U.S.