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July 25

Patients who discontinue statins increase their risk for death, heart attack, or stroke
A 5% drop would cause annual measles cases to triple, according to study
Declining cases of infection and limitations of the blood test prompt revision
9-year-old treated for 40 weeks in infancy is the third such reported case
Researchers suggest FDA regulation of yohimbe and energy products

July 24

Renflexis also costs 20% less than a biosimilar already on the market
Government, industry, and advocacy groups collaborate on Expanded Access Navigator
Designed for NICUs, system negates moving babies within the hospital
Seeking to limit spread of infections, FDA clears improved device and manual
Patients will be able to avoid hour-long infusions at health care facilities

July 20

New single-tablet regiment indicated for genotypes 1 to 6
The problem could undercut years of progress
A couple of other steps may be waiting in the wings
Physical activity, blood pressure control, cognitive training all help
Still, some facilities are dipping a toe into the water

July 18

NKTR-181 is a first-in-class investigational opioid to treat chronic pain
Neither replacing nor repealing the act have the votes they need
Paratek is planning to submit an application in the first quarter of 2018
Adjuvant therapy for HER2-positive tumors indicated after Herceptin treatment
The move is an effort to spread the sharing of risk