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Clinical Trials

Patients take oral GLP-1 analogue as a single daily tablet
Two out of three women achieve a clinical response
Nearly 68% of patients treated with AR101 could tolerate peanut protein
Benefits reported in treating plaque psoriasis, oral ulcers, and genital psoriasis
Did other treatments confound the results?
MS drug did not improve patient outcomes compared with placebo
In study, encorafenib and binimetinib kept patients alive nearly twice as long
The investigational drug demonstrated efficacy, safety, and tolerability
But late modifications to the study are raising some questions
Marketing applications for expansion of indication have been filed
Three-quarters of Kymriah patients survive after a year
Novo Nordisk drug found superior for diabetes, weight control
Solanezumab did not significantly slow cognitive decline
Use of rescue medications also falls in LIBERTY study
Eosinophilic asthma drug is currently given based on weight