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P&T News

April 24

Drug indicated for adults unresponsive to previous therapies
Drug improved progression-free survival in trial versus Tarceva or Iressa

April 17

Regimen showed significant improvement in overall survival in trial versus Sutent
Drug is first and only approved specific reversal agent for a novel oral anticoagulant
Test performed in the primary care setting may improve access to screening
Researchers found no association between clinical value and cost
Lenses automatically darken in bright light

April 10

Agent is now approved for the maintenance treatment of recurrent disease regardless of BRCA status
Agency aims to ensure women are properly informed of the risks
Approach would allow for drug testing in patients before clinical symptoms appear
Product would be the first lotion to combine halobetasol and tazarotene in one formulation
Monotherapy significantly improved overall survival as first-line therapy in certain NSCLC patients

April 3

First approved agent for patients who are in remission but have minimal residual disease
Researchers propose that pharmacists can help improve medication-related care and lower costs
Agency is not be seeking to participate as an active litigant
Agency offers no timeline for addressing PBM-negotiated rebates
Approval streamlines review pathway for similar devices

March 27

Amid delay, teen use of the products has soared to 20%, one plaintiff says
Total global use of antibiotics increased nearly 40% in 15-year period
New pen can potentially reduce the number of injections and lower copay costs