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February 20

Law journal article considers the strategy’s legal and ethical implications
Nearly 68% of patients treated with AR101 could tolerate peanut protein
Tablets are also indicated to treat drug-induced extrapyramidal reactions

February 19

First treatment for patients with inoperable tumors after chemoradiation
Benefits reported in treating plaque psoriasis, oral ulcers, and genital psoriasis
Award was largest ever in a U.S. patent case

February 16

So far, 20,000 people have been hospitalized
In interim assessment of vaccine effectiveness, young children do better

February 15

Novel clinical trial endpoint, metastasis-free survival, was used in evaluation
Quick testing option may help reduce CT scans, radiation exposure
U.S. health care spending to climb 5.3% in 2018, agency predicts
FDA permits marketing of Viz.AI Contact to speed treatment
Did other treatments confound the results?

February 13

Manufacturing problems caused million-dollar delay
$100 billion “investment” in basic science accounted for 20% of NIH spending in 2010–2016
White House report proposes several ways to lower drug prices
Senator’s investigation found a “lack of transparency” surrounding the donations

February 12

With extended-release dexamethasone, patients can avoid weeks of drops
Of 30-plus price hikes, all have so far honored a 10% cap, GlobalData says