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March 1

Balanced fluids slightly reduce deaths, kidney problems in large studies
Lidocaine topical system offers better adhesion, company says
A similar share keep their password and user name next to their computer
The companies hope to tap into a $4 billion market

February 27

Used with an aromatase inhibitor, it substantially reduced tumor size and delayed disease progression
The longer it takes emergency personnel to arrive, the greater the benefit of AED use
Study considered postpartum women, adolescents, and those with history of depression
New NCCN guidelines seek to reduce unnecessary, deadly cancer care gaps
Drug’s $18,275 price tag saves patients less than $3,000 versus the branded product

February 26

Generics-maker Mylan can proceed with patent challenge
PhRMA calls for reforms to allow more of these arrangements
KemPharm touts benzhydrocodone/acetaminophen combo’s “unique properties”
In the AWARD-10 trial, the GLP-1 receptor agonist also led to more weight loss

February 23

Hospitalization rate rises; 13 more pediatric deaths reported

February 22

Study shows improved performance for FluMist quadrivalent vaccine
Patients take oral GLP-1 analogue as a single daily tablet
Lancet publishes meta-analysis pooling almost 120,000 patients
Two out of three women achieve a clinical response

February 20

Nearly 68% of patients treated with AR101 could tolerate peanut protein
Tablets are also indicated to treat drug-induced extrapyramidal reactions