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November 9

Compared with placebo, depression scores fell at 60 hours
National Safety Council to launch education campaign

November 7

The practice adds to drug resistance in humans and the potential for “superbugs”
Positive phase 3 results comparing alectinib with crizotinib supported approval
Agent treats certain chronic pulmonary infections in patients with cystic fibrosis
Research shows connections between glucose metabolism, Alzheimer’s pathology
Some minorities—particularly African-Americans—remain underrepresented

November 6

Patients with cardiovascular issues benefit
Treatment for rare blood disease targets patients with BRAF V600 mutation
Risk of death in advanced cases is 26% lower than Afinitor

November 3

Topical monotherapy lowers pressure in the eye
A random set of patients could “test” drugs nearing an OK

November 2

Tighter prescribing, drug courts also recommended
Braeburn, Indivior recommended by large margins
Study results fail to justify continued development

October 31

Calquence demonstrated favorable overall response rate in initial studies
One in 10 naloxone-rescued OD patients die within a year
New grant will allow ICER to evaluate all newly approved U.S. medicines
Forty-six states allege drug manufacturers restrained competition
Biologic reduced attacks and improved lung function across a broad population