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October 26

Auvi-Q device takes advantage of Mylan’s woes
Court records reveal campaign to stop preauthorization efforts
Product’s efficacy and safety profiles are equivalent to those of Humira
First-in-class PARP inhibitor is studied in BRCA-mutated tumors

October 25

California physician questions “bureaucratic blather”
Pexiganan cream is no more effective than placebo

October 24

Therapeutic protein aids antibacterial drug treatment
Nonlive recombinant vaccine reduces postherpetic neuralgia in phase 3 studies

October 21

Controversy still surrounds muscular dystrophy drug
Cost of Iclusig jumped four times this year
U.S. hospitals borrow idea from South Africa
Monoclonal antibody bests chemotherapy
ALKS 5461 is effective as adjunctive therapy