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September 7

New AstraZeneca, Amgen drug reduces exacerbations by up to 71%
Quest Analysis of 3.4 million tests shows evidence of dangerous drug combinations
In 13 years, use of paper-only patient health records fell from 69% to 1%
More timely stroke care can improve patient outcomes
Support will strengthen state efforts to prevent and track opioid overdoses

September 5

Cellectis to amend protocols by reducing dose in hopes of resuming phase 1 studies
The drop occurred with both brick-and-mortar and mail-order pharmacies
Wireless remote allows patient to adjust compression force
Cell-based therapy harvests, cultures, and applies allogeneic thymic tissue
Pegylated interferon lambda 1a stimulates immune responses

September 1

The drug was previously withdrawn from the market in 2010
Company faces the challenge of proving the complex treatment can be manufactured and administered at commercial scale

August 31

Some analysts find the price “cost-effective,” while advocates decry it as “excessive”
Drug is only the second treatment available for the condition

August 30

Parasitic infection is caused by Trypanosoma cruzi
Kymriah is a Novartis CAR T-cell treatment for younger patients

August 29

Effect of the drug’s accumulation in adipose tissue also unknown
Phase 3 clinical trials in patients with severe PTSD to begin in 2018