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August 13

New Algorithm Surveys Alterations in DNA and Millions of Points in the Human Genome
First Oral Drug Increases Activity of the Body’s Deficient Enzyme
Venous Thromboembolism and Other Risks to Be Evaluated in Postmarketing Studies

August 7

It’s All in How the Data Are Analyzed
Researchers Recommend Increased Testing for Men
New Draft Guidance Seeks to Better Target Patient Needs

July 31

Two Phase 3 Studies Met Endpoint of Complete Clearance of Lesions
Radiation Exposure Remains a Risk
Quality Metrics Will Provide Feedback to Manufacturers
Drugmaker Aiming for 25–30 New Drugs by 2022

July 24

HHS proposal designed to prevent ‘Shkrelis,’ not high drug prices overall
Some studies had linked the device to harmful side effects.
Claims that tramiprosate helps stabilize patients over an 18-month period.
The biomarker can track a number of bodily functions.
Part of an ongoing effort to better oversee use of compounded medications.

July 17

Some see the loss of an important, unbiased source of information.
Insurers are proceeding cautiously, but the large insurers are speeding up their approvals.
The move is considered part of the antiterrorism effort.