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May 24

STAT article lists eight ways proposed cuts might affect public health
Approval marks major step in precision medicine
Two-year study shows 2.8% improvement in disease-free survival versus placebo

May 23

California takes steps to reduce overly aggressive care
Centers postpone operations, delay chemotherapy
Wholesale acquisition cost is $39,000 per year

May 22

President leans toward dumping insurer subsidies
Snail-paced regulators get up to Silicon Valley speed
Analyst gives treatment 50/50 chance of coming to market

May 19

The AGs hope to prevent cuts in subsidy payments to insurance companies
Finding could lead to the first broadly effective ebolavirus therapies and vaccines
Approval marks the fifth type of cancer for which the drug is indicated
Researchers analyzed data from large studies that included more than 800,000 men
Use of in vitro assay data could potentially apply to other medications