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October 24

Drug approved last April for treatment of adults with tardive dyskinesia
Designation aims to expedite development in combination with lenalidomide

October 23

Regulatory rules are the key to achieving future savings, RAND says
Shingrix targets painful problem that strikes one in three
AstraZeneca introduces improved autoinjector
Socioeconomic status doesn’t explain all the discrepancies

October 20

Efficacy shown in GO-VIBRANT and GO-ALIVE studies

October 19

Treatment targets relapsed or refractory large B-cell lymphoma
Insurer enlists CVS Health to help in replacing Express Scripts
Announcement follows judge’s ruling to toss patents
Alternative offers better pain relief, could help curb opioid epidemic
Updated data show median overall survival of 30.0 months

October 17

Reports indicate he worked to weaken federal efforts to restrict opioids
Figures are even higher for minorities and women
Sophisticated management of life-threatening complications could double cost of care

October 16

Application to FDA expected in early 2018
Senhance System aids surgeons in minimally invasive procedures
New indication follows study showing significant skin clearance at week 12
ALK-positive and ROS1-positive patients benefit