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August 22

In trial, nearly twice as many hit uric acid targets with allopurinol/lesinurad combination
Simplified tables from American Academy of Pediatrics likely to raise detection rates
Annual list costs need to drop dramatically to meet cost-effectiveness thresholds
New medical device user fee agreement establishes central digital health unit
Spanish study overturns dogma that infarction is followed by progressive repair of injured myocardium

August 21

New tablet formulation approved as maintenance treatment regardless of BRCA status
Perrigo wins FDA approval and settles patient lawsuit with AstraZeneca

August 18

Few options have been available for these patients

August 17

Company accepts independent annual review of its Medicaid drug rebate practices
Longer-acting GLP-1 diabetes drug reports strong results in Sustain-7 trial
Damage to the joint may be “partly preventable,” researchers say

August 15

Drug-makers utilizing this strategy to better understand the value of their products
Analysis finds that the prescribing disparity is greatest among general practitioners
Scientists’ contributions “revolutionized biomedical research”
Such suits are seeking to holding pharma partially accountable for the opioid epidemic
Policy linked to newly updated requirements for government employee ID cards

August 14

Products manufactured by PharmaTech were sold by three firms
Antibody failed to meet primary endpoint in phase 3 trial
Nexus Pharmaceuticals version gets priority attention