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January 30

NIH spearheads efforts to speed disease-altering treatments
Researchers analyzed prescribing patterns for more than six million children

January 29

Baby boomers hit hard in a season that may not have peaked
Azar’s response: “We will bring down prescription drug prices”
Complete response letter outlines extensive recommendations
First year of treatment could cost $482,000

January 26

Targeted treatment includes a radioactive component

January 25

New AHA guidelines permit procedure for a much longer period
Underserved patients haven’t benefitted, researchers conclude
Solanezumab did not significantly slow cognitive decline
Agencies send warning letters to 15 companies over alleged “scams”
FDA adds a second indication for the medication

January 23

Report from National Academies reaches mixed conclusions
These and other companies are taking steps to fight antimicrobial resistance
Use of rescue medications also falls in LIBERTY study
After five years, about half of recipients held onto cardiovascular benefits
Most fatalities involved children who didn’t get flu shots

January 22

Eosinophilic asthma drug is currently given based on weight
Under-users tended to be smaller, nonurban, and Western practices
Complete response letter seeks more information on CAM2038