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P&T News

September 12

New study examines impact of Medicaid changes
Dual testing no longer needed; screening interval can be up to 5 years
Company aims to prevent Restasis challenges at U.S. patent office
Three sub-analyses parse results of EMPA-REG OUTCOME trial
Less expensive corticosteroids could treat the same problems

September 11

Studies at ESMO may lead to wider use of medications
ACR20 responses at two doses reach 65% and 56% at 12 weeks
Johnson & Johnson unit will focus on hepatitis B instead

September 7

Support will strengthen state efforts to prevent and track opioid overdoses
New AstraZeneca, Amgen drug reduces exacerbations by up to 71%
Quest Analysis of 3.4 million tests shows evidence of dangerous drug combinations
In 13 years, use of paper-only patient health records fell from 69% to 1%
More timely stroke care can improve patient outcomes

September 5

Cellectis to amend protocols by reducing dose in hopes of resuming phase 1 studies
The drop occurred with both brick-and-mortar and mail-order pharmacies
Wireless remote allows patient to adjust compression force
Cell-based therapy harvests, cultures, and applies allogeneic thymic tissue
Pegylated interferon lambda 1a stimulates immune responses

September 1

The drug was previously withdrawn from the market in 2010
Company faces the challenge of proving the complex treatment can be manufactured and administered at commercial scale