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March 23

Health care job growth is down 23% compared with last year
Senators complain about drug makers’ abuses
Ocrevus and Dupixent set to make a splash
Retrospective data must be confirmed in clinical trials

March 22

Monoamine oxidase B inhibitor approved as add-on to levodopa
Treatment debuted at annual cost of $94,500
Two dozen Republicans oppose the plan
Former FDA heads say imported medications are too risky

March 21

“Per-capita caps” plan comes under fire
Days may be numbered for controversial payment initiatives
Procedure should be avoided in small heart vessels
FDA approval decision expected in April
“Blocking molecule” targets links that hold bacteria together

March 20

House and Senate approval may both be at risk
Amgen and Illumina take Obamacare repeal in stride
Harvard panel hears about person-centered approaches to care
NKTR-181 doesn’t cause the euphoria that can lead to abuse and addiction
Twice-a-year inclisiran scores in mid-stage trial