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November 20

Needle length and dose target patients weighing 16.5 to 33 pounds
Five sepsis deaths had been reported in late-phase trials
Patients can avoid long drives to distant specialists

November 17

In study, progression-free survival was superior to Rituxan-based therapy

November 16

This is the first new medicine for this population in two decades
First agency-approved treatment for pediatric and adult patients with MPS VII
FDA clears NSS-2 Bridge in an effort to reduce symptoms
FDA establishes a pathway to speed approval for similar tests
Acorda Therapeutics hits pause on trial enrollment for tozadenant
New indication marks first adjuvant treatment after nephrectomy

November 15

First respiratory biologic with an eight-week maintenance dosing schedule

November 14

The less-expensive biosimilar will cut into J&J’s nearly $5 billion annual sales of infliximab
Outcomes Improve for Those With and Without a History of Prior CV Events
Under guidelines, nearly half of U.S. population will be diagnosed with hypertension
NK1 receptor antagonist helps with moderately and highly emetogenic chemotherapies

November 13

Medication previously approved for acute treatments
Mortality falls in patients when CRP dips in first three months

November 10

First new hepatitis B vaccine in 25 years requires only two doses