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February 17

Drug surged in summer of 2016, causing hundreds of overdose deaths
Researchers utilize gene activity signatures to identify candidates
Annualized relapse rate reduced compared with interferon beta-1a
Committee sees “virtually no chance” of a positive effect

February 16

Is common steroid worth the price?
Siliq binds to pro-inflammatory protein
Inhalation spray now approved for age 6 and older
New rule seeks to prevent enrollees from “gaming the system”

February 15

Insurance coverage hinges on solid efficacy data
Company’s move may herald things to come
STAT investigation finds many promises but few results
Data show noninferiority to darunavir

February 14

Hospital group warns of financial crisis from stand-alone repeal
Clinical trials are needed to reveal safety risks
Generic steroid has been around for decades
“We can and must do better,” new article’s authors say
Patients could save up to $7,500 per month with new regimen