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February 6

In study, encorafenib and binimetinib kept patients alive nearly twice as long
The investigational drug demonstrated efficacy, safety, and tolerability
Wearable device identifies convulsive epileptic seizures and sends alerts to caregivers

February 2

Worsening flu season may not have reached its peak

February 1

Three-quarters of Kymriah patients survive after a year
Cheap-and-easy test could aid search for Alzheimer’s disease treatments
Novo Nordisk drug found superior for diabetes, weight control
Among them, lampalizumab had fared poorly in phase 3 tests
Some liver-disease patients face risk of injury

January 30

The new entity will provide health care for more than 500,000 U.S. employees
However, some dispute these findings on the controversial cuts
Drug may improve patients’ core social interaction and communication
NIH spearheads efforts to speed disease-altering treatments
Researchers analyzed prescribing patterns for more than six million children

January 29

Complete response letter outlines extensive recommendations
First year of treatment could cost $482,000
Baby boomers hit hard in a season that may not have peaked
Azar’s response: “We will bring down prescription drug prices”

January 26

Targeted treatment includes a radioactive component

January 25

New AHA guidelines permit procedure for a much longer period