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Study: One-Third of Septic Shock Survivors Are Readmitted

Returning patients have higher prevalence of health care-associated sepsis

About one-third of survivors of sepsis or septic shock are readmitted within 30 days, according to a study published online in the Journal of Hospital Medicine.

Researchers examined the frequency of and risk factors for 30-day readmission among 1,697 patients surviving hospitalization with culture-positive severe sepsis or septic shock in a single-center study.

They found that 32.0% of survivors required 30-day readmission. Readmitted patients had a higher chronic illness burden compared with non-readmitted survivors (median Charlson scores: 5 vs. 4, respectively; P < 0.001), but not a higher acute illness burden (median Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation II scores: 15 vs. 15; P = 0.275); they also had a higher prevalence of health care-associated sepsis (94.2% vs 90.2%; P = 0.014).

The odds of 30-day readmission were increased by three factors: the presence of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase organisms (odds ratio, 4.50); injury or failure on the Risk Injury, Failure, Loss, End-Stage criteria (odds ratio, 1.95); and the presence of Bacteroides species (odds ratio, 2.04), whereas two factors decreased the risk of readmission: urine as the source of infection (odds ratio, 0.58) and the presence of Escherichia coli organism (odds ratio, 0.49).

“We have demonstrated that survivors of culture-positive severe sepsis or septic shock have a high rate of 30-day rehospitalization,” the authors concluded.

Sources: Medical Xpress; July 28, 2015; and Journal of Hospital Medicine; July 20, 2015.

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