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Generic Lovenox and Generic Zyvox Launched in U.S.

Teva adds to injectable portfolio

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries has announced the launch of the generic equivalent of Lovenox (enoxaparin sodium injection, Sanofi) in seven dosage strengths in the U.S.

Enoxaparin sodium is a low-molecular-weight heparin with antithrombotic properties. It is indicated for:

  • Prophylaxis of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which may lead to pulmonary embolism (PE) in patients undergoing abdominal surgery who are at risk for thromboembolic complications; who are undergoing hip-replacement surgery during or after hospitalization; who are undergoing knee-replacement surgery; or who are at risk for thromboembolic complications due to severely restricted mobility during an acute illness
  • Inpatient treatment of acute DVT with or without PE when administered in conjunction with warfarin sodium
  • Outpatient treatment of acute DVT without PE when administered in conjunction with warfarin sodium
  • Prophylaxis of ischemic complications of unstable angina and non-Q-wave myocardial infarction when concurrently administered with aspirin
  • Treatment of acute ST-segment–elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) managed medically or with subsequent percutaneous coronary intervention

Lovenox had annual sales of approximately $1.8 billion in the U.S., according to IMS data as of November 2014.

Teva has also launched the generic equivalent to Zyvox (linezolid, Pfizer) injection. Linezolid is a synthetic antibacterial agent of the oxazolidinone class. It is indicated for the treatment of the following infections caused by susceptible Gram-positive bacteria:

  • Nosocomial pneumonia
  • Community-acquired pneumonia
  • Complicated skin and skin-structure infections, including diabetic foot infections, without concomitant osteomyelitis
  • Uncomplicated skin and skin-structure infections
  • Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium infections

Linezolid injection is not indicated for the treatment of Gram-negative infections. Gram-negative therapy should be initiated immediately if a concomitant Gram-negative pathogen is documented or suspected.

Zyvox injection had annual sales of approximately $464 million in the U.S., according to IMS data as of October 2014.

Sources: Teva Pharmaceuticals; February 17, 2015; Enoxaparin Prescribing Information; September 2014; and Linezolid Prescribing Information; January 2015.


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