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October 5

New trial ordered in dispute between Amgen and Sanofi/Regeneron
Rapid testing approach may help speed effective treatment
First human trial shows progress toward preventing infections

October 4

Two formulations of MS drug earn Teva more than $4 billion

October 3

Vaccine uses proteins found in core of virus rather than on its surface
The inhaled therapy treats fungal infections in the lungs
Presentation of the treatment may be as important as the treatment itself
Research identifies consequences of integrated sepsis screening and treatment

October 2

Drug-device combos and some injectable drugs fall into this class
Work on MK-3682B and MK-3682C discontinued

September 29

Treatment targets advanced or metastatic HR-positive, HER2-negative cases
Novo Nordisk modifies NovoLog with niacinamide

September 28

Paper-based diagnostic avoids false positives from Dengue fever
Medication can launch in Europe a year from now
The cause, they said, involved an average of at least seven factors
Mobile reader gets measurements from sensor wire beneath the skin
Researchers blame high out-of-pocket costs and insurance snags

September 26

Nearly 50 pharmaceutical and device manufacturers operate on the island