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New VTE Safety Recommendations Prevent Blood Clots in Delivering Mothers

Guidelines cover assessment, treatment, and hospital discharge (December 5)

The Physician–Patient Alliance for Health & Safety (PPAHS), the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and the National Perinatal Association have released safety recommendations targeting the prevention of venous thromboembolism (VTE) in maternal patients.

The recommendations were developed with the advice and counsel of a panel of experts brought together by the PPAHS. They provide four concise steps that:

  • Assess patients for VTE risk with an automated scoring system.
  • Provide the recommended prophylaxis regimen, depending on whether the mother is antepartum or postpartum.
  • Reassess the patient every 24 hours or on the occurrence of a significant event, such as surgery.
  • Ensure that the mother is provided appropriate VTE prevention education at hospital discharge.

The PPAHS is planning to assess the recommendations in practice with six or more hospitals across the U.S. and is currently seeking funding to complete this task.

Sources: PPAHS; December 5, 2013; and Recommendations; November 2013.

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