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Launch Date Set for Eye Drug, Jetrea (Ocriplasmin)

First pharmacological treatment for vitreomacular adhesion (Jan. 4)

The U.S. launch date for Jetrea (ocriplasmin, ThromboGenics) has been set for January 14, 2013. Jetrea intravitreal injection is a proteolytic enzyme indicated for the treatment of symptomatic vitreomacular adhesion (VMA).

The drug’s recommended dose is 0.125 mg (0.1 mL) of the diluted solution administered by intravitreal injection to the affected eye once as a single injection. The U.S. price for a single-use glass vial is $3,950.

The FDA approved Jetrea in October 2012 as the first pharmacological agent for the treatment of symptomatic VMA. The approval was based on phase III data, which showed that Jetrea was significantly more effective than placebo in the treatment of symptomatic VMA (26.5% versus 10.1%, respectively; P

Symptomatic VMA is a progressive, sight-threatening condition that, when left untreated, often leads to retinal distortion, further deterioration in vision, and irreversible damage to eyesight.

Source: ThromboGenics; January 4, 2013.

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