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Etanercept Deemed Safe for Treatment of Psoriasis

The authors integrated adverse event (AE) data from etanercept psoriasis trials to evaluate the short-term (up to 12 weeks from controlled studies) and long-term (up to 144 weeks from uncontrolled extension studies) safety of etanercept (25 mg once weekly to 50 mg twice weekly).

In short-term analyses, rates of noninfectious and infectious AEs and serious noninfectious and infectious AEs were comparable between etanercept-treated and placebo-treated groups. No dose-related increases in these events were observed in either short- or long-term analyses. Moreover, there was no increase in overall malignancies with etanercept therapy compared with the general psoriasis population. Lymphoma, demyelination, congestive heart failure, and opportunistic infections were rare.

"These integrated short- and long-term analyses demonstrated that etanercept was generally well tolerated in a large population of patients with psoriasis without dose-related or cumulative toxicities," the authors concluded.

Several of the investigators disclosed financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

Read the abstract"> in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

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