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Self Assessment Survey Launched for Antithrombotic Therapy

HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Pa.— April 27, 2005 -- The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) has developed a new tool designed to assist hospitals in evaluating an important area of clinical practice--antithrombotic therapy. The survey is being distributed to all hospitals in the United States. Deadline for data submission is September 1, 2005.

The ISMP Medication Safety Self Assessment for Antithrombotic Therapy in Hospitals will help healthcare organizations examine medication safety practices associated with the prescribing, dispensing, administration, and monitoring of antithrombotic drugs in their facilities. Participants will evaluate 125 different characteristics that significantly influence medication safety when patients receive antithrombotic medications, including anticoagulants and thrombolytic agents.

As with ISMP’s previous self-assessment surveys, hospitals are being asked to convene multidisciplinary teams to respond and provide a wide range of perspectives for the most complete data set possible. Surveys are completely confidential and the identities of participating organizations will not be revealed. Hospitals are encouraged to submit their data through a secure web-based form, which will allow them to compare their weighted scores with aggregate data from other demographically similar hospitals.

“ISMP’s self-assessment for antithrombotics addresses safety issues with a specific class of high-alert drugs, which when involved in errors is more likely to cause serious outcomes,” says Matt Fricker, MS, RPh, the program director at ISMP who led survey development. “This new self-assessment will allow hospitals to evaluate their practices surrounding the use of antithrombotic therapy, identify opportunities for improvement, and compare their experience with other hospitals across the nation.”

Aggregate data is scheduled to be released by early 2006, and will be used to support ISMP’s medication safety efforts. For more information and an electronic copy of the antithrombotic self-assessment workbook, visit

Source: The Institute for Safe Medication Practices

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