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Human Secretin for Injection Now Available

BURTONSVILLE, Md., July 28 /PRNewswire/ -- ChiRhoClin, Inc. is pleased to announce that Human Secretin product is now commercially available. Food and Drug Administration gave final approval to ChiRhoClin's new drug application for Human Secretin in April 2004.

Human Secretin is a synthetically produced peptide, identical to the naturally occurring human gastrointestinal hormone. Secretin is secreted by intestinal cells in response to the ingestion of food. It circulates in the blood stream and binds to cells in the exocrine pancreas gland stimulating the production and release of digestive enzymes and bicarbonate rich pancreatic fluid.

Human Secretin is FDA approved as a diagnostic drug for the following clinical indications and uses:

* Stimulation of pancreatic secretions including bicarbonate to aid in the diagnosis of pancreatic exocrine dysfunction, i.e. chronic pancreatitis.

* Stimulation of pancreatic secretions to facilitate the identification and cannulation of the papillae and openings to the main and accessory pancreatic ducts draining into the duodenum during ERCP procedures.

* Stimulation of gastrin secretion in patients suspected of having Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome to aid in the diagnosis of gastrinoma.

The pancreatic secretin stimulation test is considered the most accurate method to diagnose chronic pancreatitis, especially at an early stage when treatments with replacement enzymes can help preserve pancreatic function. The secretin gastrin stimulation test is considered the most sensitive and accurate method for diagnosing gastrin producing tumors, even when they are too small to be imaged, enabling potentially curative treatment to begin. Secretin is also the only FDA approved drug to assist the endoscopist in identifying and cannulating the pancreatic ducts during ERCP.

Human Secretin is approved for the identical indications as ChiRhoClin's currently marketed Porcine Secretin product. It offers several advantages including an improved stability profile, longer shelf-life and the same amino acid sequence as natural Human Secretin. ChiRhoClin's CEO, Edward D. Purich, stated, "Human Secretin represents the next generation secretin drug product for diagnostic and endoscopic use. We are very pleased that FDA has approved our Human Secretin and authorized its commercial distribution. This is the culmination of years of effort to provide the medical community with the ideal secretin product."

For additional information or to place an order for Human Secretin, call 1-877-CRC-4888 or visit

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