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P&T News

January 15

New Therapy for Patients With HCC Who Previously Received Nexavar
Aggressive Disease Represents Around 6% of All New Cases of NHL
First and Only Second-Generation TKI for Philadelphia Chromosome-Positive Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Potential Life-Saving Device Can be Implanted in 2-LB Babies

January 10

New Therapy Could Prevent Painful, Unpredictable Pain Crises
Study Reveals Having Any Cancer Type Increases Risk by 40 Percent
Relief for Patients With Life-Threatening Blood-Clotting Disorder

January 8

Data from Phase 1 Study Expected by Summer of 2019
Less Burdensome Therapy for Patients With Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria
Injecting Corrupted Drug Could Cause Phlebitis, Pulmonary Embolic Events
Treatment for 150 Million Cases of UTIs Costs $6 Billion/Year

December 18

New Biosimilar Provides Broader Treatment Options for Patients
Argos Device Could Reduce Cost and Amount of Work for CO Monitoring
Drug Expected to Launch in 2019, Offering Hope to 35 Million U.S. Adults
New Antifungal Has Increased Bioavailability and Reduced Variability

December 11

Prescription App Can Serve As Training, Monitoring, and Reminder Tool
BTC Is a Group of Rare Gastrointestinal Cancers With Limited Treatment Options, Poor Outcomes
Study Demonstrates Rapid Response in Patients, and Doesn’t Affect Tamoxifen Efficacy