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November 6

New drug addresses bacterial resistance to standard therapy
Hovering flights lower packages by cable and winch
Ziextenzo helps lower the incidence of febrile neutropenia
The answer may offer a potential treatment for the disease
Drug resistance in HIV patients has nearly tripled since 2001
Drug resistance in HIV patients has nearly tripled since 2001

November 1

The number of those with an annual drug spend of $250K or more has increased by 60%
Grading manufacturers would give high-quality, reliable makers a boost, says federal panel
Sharpless is heading back to NCI

October 24

Agency guidance seeks to inform women about implant risks
Drug combo treats genetic mutation found in 90% of patients
New results from scrapped studies show promise for high doses
The hedgehog signaling pathway may block a crucial step
After a 30-year drive, just one variety remains

October 9

Scenesse is new treatment for people with rare, painful light sensitivity disease
Humira, Rituxan top list of drugs that added $5.1 billion to nation's health care bill
Lower court rulings cleared the way for generic versions of the MS drug
Maryland man wins lawsuit that alleges that the company's antipsychotic caused his gynecomastia
Antidepressants, ADHD meds are also used to self-poison

October 8

Descovy joins Truvada, another Gilead product, in the HIV prophylaxis market
Data show PTC Therapeutics drug preserves lung function
U.S. maintains measles elimination status as NY outbreak ebbs
Study lists steps that could save close to $300 billion a year
While many victims used THC, the cause remains elusive

October 3

Rodent model suggests that TOM-1 protein may control key step in inflammatory underpinnings
Results based on 60 years of follow-up of a placebo-controlled BCG study conducted among Native Americans

October 2

Controversial review contradicts prevailing wisdom about negative health consequences of red, processed meat consumption
Addition of the checkpoint inhibitor increased complete response
A positive sign for PARP inhibitors as treatment drugs for prostate cancer

September 26

Bleeding Risk Means Patients Should Consult With Physician Before Taking Aspirin