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September 19

U.S., Australia, and Canada Approve Endometrial Cancer Regimen
Single daily pill combines hypertension, cholesterol drugs
Drug With Androgen Deprivation Therapy Cut Risk of Death by 33% Compared With Placebo + ADT
A Diabetes Drug For People Without Diabetes
Roche Drug Outperformed Standard of Care in Phase 2 Study

September 17

One in Five Kids’ Office Visits Results in an Off-Label Rx
Related Settlement Would End Many but Not All Lawsuits
Chronic Kidney Patients With Hyperphosphatemia May Be Another Market for the Drug
Nitrosamine Impurity Also Affects Other Ranitidine Drugs
Mesh Implants, Now Banned by FDA, Work as Well as Hysterectomy

September 13

Drug Boosts Levels of Natural Endocannabinoids
Judicious Use of Antibiotics May Not Be Enough To Defeat Bacteria That Carry On By Going Into a Dormant State
KRAS Oncogene Is a Problematic Target So Researchers Are Trying Workdarounds
Understanding Neural Ensembles in Infralimbic Cortex May Lead To Improved Addiction Treatment
Disrupting Gut Microbiome Could Be Key

September 10

Vitamin E Found in Samples Around the Country
Study Links Them to Premature Death
Nag With Texting and a ‘Winners Circle’
How Serotonin and Fluoxetine Affect Microbiota Residing in the Gut
Modified gold-based molecules show promise as effective, targeted treatment

September 3

Can Detect Presence of Cancer at Stage I
Reductions in CV Mortality, Bleeding Risk Observed in Some Patients
Hydrogen Peroxide Produced by Body is Double-Edged Sword
Deep Learning System Identifies Potential Fibrosis Treatments

August 29

Studies Show Reduced Symptoms, Clinical Remission
Ultra-Expensive, Rare Disease Drugs Creating Huge Problems
Obesity is the Likely Culprit, Study Says
Young People Getting Life-Threatening, “Old People” Lung Disease
Judge: Company Breached Public Nuisance Law