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P&T® Journal contents for November 2009


Health Care & Law
Whose Rights Should Come First?
Despite government recommendations that health care professionals be vaccinated against the H1N1 influenza in order to protect patients, a significant number of workers intend to refuse the vaccine. Dr. Field reviews the legal status of the mandates for vaccination as well as viewpoints for and against compliance.
Robert I. Field, JD, MPH, PhD
These days, it seems that just about everyone is emotionally attached to a brand-name electronic device, a designer T-shirt, or a gym bag with a pharma logo. The author, a reluctant consumer, ponders the power of brands.
Nancy Greengold, MD, MBA
Q & A
In the first of a three-part series, topics such as drug approvals and shortages, therapeutic interchanges, and pharmacoeconomic assessments are discussed.
C. Lee Ventola, MS
Meeting Highlights
Agents for postmenopausal osteoporosis are reviewed.
Walter Alexander
FDA Public Health Alert
A Call for Heightened Vigilance and Monitoring
As a result of the contamination of unfractionated heparin, changes in the product’s potency have been made to ensure its purity and safety.
Walter Alexander
Topics include pralatrexate (Folotyn) for lymphoma; telavancin (Vibativ) for skin infections; and bepotastine besilate (Bepreve), an eyedrop for conjunctivitis.
Marvin M. Goldenberg, PhD, RPh, MS


David B. Nash, MD, MBA, recounts his talk to physicians-in-training on the topics of professionalism and responsibility.
David B. Nash, MD, MBA
Medication Errors
What Do They Really Say about Safety?
Matthew Grissinger, RPh, FASCP, emphasizes the importance of providing appropriate safety tips in brochures for patients.
Matthew Grissinger, RPh, FASCP
Prescription: Washington
Will They Be Eligible for Federal Electronic Health Record Grants?
Stephen Barlas discusses the challenges faced by hospitals in meeting the criteria for “meaningful use” when installing health information technology.
Stephen Barlas
From Berinert to Votrient, P&T presents the latest studies and information about FDA approvals, recalls, and industry updates.
Drug Forecast
Authors Montes and Rey review iloperidone (Fanapt) for the treatment of schizophrenia.
Amy Barbara Montes, PharmD, and Jose A. Rey, PharmD, BCPP