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P&T® Journal contents for May 2004


Health Care & Law
The author discusses the potential ramifications of a new law that considers it to be a crime to terminate the life of a fetus when certain acts of violence are committed against a pregnant woman.
Robert I. Field, JD, MPH, PhD
The authors discuss the Clinical Effectiveness Initiative, which is designed to aid P&T committee members and managers of health care institutions in balancing hospital pharmacy costs and providing optimal patient outcomes.
Leo K. Lichtig, PhD, Richard M. Weinberg, MD, Robert A. Knauf, MPH, and F. Randy Vogenberg, RPh, PhD
Meeting Highlights
Dr. Prescott reviews therapies for acute coronary syndrome, angina pectoris, dyslipidemia, and heart failure, among others, using statins, vasodilators, thrombin inhibitors, beta blockers, and recombinant B-type natriuretic peptide.
Lawrence M. Prescott, PhD
Meeting Highlights
Some promising therapies were discussed at a recent meeting of the Lymphoma Foundation and the Cancer Institute of New Jersey.
Marvin M. Goldenberg, PhD, RPh, MS
Accurate monitoring of theophylline in apneic infants is essential in order to ensure therapeutic levels and to avoid prolonged hospital stays.
Hugo Juárez-Olguín, MSc, Janett Flores-Pérez, MSc, Gabriela Pérez-Guillé, MD, Adrián Guillé-Pérez, MSc, Angélica Camacho-Vieyra, MD, Carmen Flores-Pérez, MSc, and Mayra Jarillo-Alvarado, MSc


David Nash, MD, MBA, discusses the often overlooked need for improved drug safety for ambulatory patients.
David Nash, MD, MBA
A reader expresses concern about a possible relationship between his arthritis medication and heart failure.
Medication Errors
Matthew Grissinger, RPh, FASCP, explains how communication among health care providers, pharmacists, and patients is vital in preventing adverse drug reactions.
Matthew Grissinger, RPh, FASCP
P&T presents the latest studies and information about FDA approvals, drug indications, industry updates, and new devices.
Prescription: Washington
Stephen Barlas discusses the ongoing debate about the safety of the newer atypical antidepressants in children.
Stephen Barlas
Drug Forecast
The authors review tadalafil (Cialis™) for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
Tarrah Williams, PharmD Candidate, Marlon Honeywell, PharmD, Evans Branch III, PharmD, Patty Ghazvini, PharmD, and Keisha King, PharmD