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P&T® Journal contents for October 2003


The authors conducted a retrospective study of failure rates and performed a cost-minimization analysis of azithromycin and clarithromycin.
Kavita Parmar-Lapasia, PharmD, Steven P. Gelone, PharmD, Michael R. Jacobs, PharmD, and Albert I. Wertheimer, PhD, MBA
Dr. Babinchak talks about the unexpected turns during his career in the field of infectious diseases.
Sonja Sherritze
Dr. Cunha describes some of the cost factors that P&T committees should consider when selecting antibiotics.
Burke A. Cunha, MD
Dr. Micozzi provides an overview of the changes taking place in traditional medicine and the new roles of “alternative,” “complementary,” and “holistic” healing practices.
Marc S. Micozzi, MD, PhD
Dr. Goldenberg reviews bortezomib for injection (Velcade™) for multiple myeloma, gefitinib (Iressa™) for non-small cell lung cancer, and Bexxar® for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
Marvin M. Goldenberg, PhD, RPh, MS


David Nash, MD, MBA, discusses the AMCP’s drug dossier format.
David B. Nash, MD, MBA
Prescription Washington
Stephen Barlas discusses Congressional efforts to create a Medicare discount drug card.
Stephen Barlas
Medication Errors
Matthew Grissinger explains the potential for errors with intravenous insulin infusions.
Matthew Grissinger, RPh, FASCP
Drug News
P&T presents the latest information about approvals, indication changes, industry updates, and news from the FDA.
Drug Forecast
Drs. Ruffin and Harris review gefitinib (Iressa™), a new agent for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer.
Charnelda G. Ruffin, PharmD, and Kathryn L. Harris, PharmD, MSHCM