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P&T® Journal contents for April 2002


Dr. Goldenberg presents recent studies on various cancers and the implications of new and existing therapies.
Marvin M. Goldenberg, PhD
Drug Shortages (4-Part Series)
The results of the ISMP’s recent national survey on drug shortages are discussed, along with guidelines on how to handle drug shortages.
Matthew Grissinger, RPh
This article focuses on the revolutionary new drug that combats a highly complicated disease: sepsis.
Michelle Leady, PharmD, Michael Kraft PharmD, and Cesar Alaniz, PharmD
Despite the widely held belief that therapy with PPIs renders patients asymptomatic, breakthrough symptoms are common.
Malcom Robinson, MD and Kimberly Shaw, BA
Patient self-administered questionnaires could help determine health-related quality of life in outcomes management.
Jennifer Lofland, PharmD
Guest Commentary
Is a placebo-controlled trial ethical if an effective treatment has already been established? The author discusses the issue with Robert Temple, MD.
Miriam Reisman


Editor-in-Chief David B. Nash discusses what is needed for an effective “Sepsis Segue.”
David Nash, MD, MBA
Prescription Washington
Stephen Barlas