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Many Thank Yous

Nobody calls us by our full and proper name, Pharmacy and Therapeutics. We go by P&T, short and sweet. The publication actually got started under a different name, Drug Therapy, in 1976, morphed into Hospital Therapy for awhile before settling into P&T in 1990. For three decades under that name, we have been among the leading peer-reviewed journals covering drug utilization and safety. 

We’re proud of the work we have done to inform, educate, and occasionally entertain our core readers, members of our namesake P&T committees, but also many others who want to peel back the superficial layers and really understand medications as they are used in the real world. We’ve been fortunate to have courtside seats on pharmacy and therapeutics during one of the most dynamic periods of their history: thousands of new drugs coming on the market, drug safety bubbling to the surface, important policy and political battles over access and price. 

Despite this wonderful legacy, the marketplace has changed, and this issue, Volume 44, Number 12, will be the last for P&T in its current incarnation.

The thank yous could go on for pages. Here, we are limited to a few special mentions. Sonja Sherritze was the editor of P&T for more than 15 years. Every issue during her tenure was an expression of her dedication, skill, intelligence, and spirit. David Nash, the editor in chief, provided encouragement and wisdom. Maureen Dwyer Liberti, the publisher, was our tireless champion. Steve McIver, who was the editor between Sonja’s two times at the helm, set high standards and was invaluable during the last several months when resources were constrained. Our team of regular contributors includes Stephen Barlas, Janet Dyer, and Matthew Grissinger. A P&T without them is impossible to picture. Reviewers, too many to name, pushed us, and the contributors, to publish research of the highest caliber. 

And, most of all, thank you to you, the readers, who inspired us to write, edit, and publish P&T and its predecessors for 45 years.