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Meeting Highlights

Business Development Institute’s Mobile Health Care Communications Summit

Michele B. Kaufman PharmD, RPh

In 2007, there were no medical applications (apps) for mobile devices, but within 3 years, 44 million mobile apps had been downloaded onto electronic devices. this article reviews pingmd and

The Business Development Institute’s Mobile Healthcare Communications Summit in New York City in mid-February was attended by 175 senior communications and marketing leaders from health care brands and agencies from across the U.S. The summit addressed how consumers and professionals use mobile devices for obtaining health care information and how these groups interact with health care providers and colleagues on their mobile phones. Some case studies revealed how major health care brands and not-for-profit, disease-based organizations are connecting with consumers and professionals through mobile devices.

This article reviews two sessions from the meeting, one on point-of-care from Google and one on Cancer.Net mobile from the American Society of Clinical Oncology.