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December 4

Evolocumab is the first PCSK9 Inhibitor to win this indication

December 1

Mylan’s new product will treat breast and stomach cancer
Medication-assisted treatment option tackles opioid use disorder

November 30

Agency would decide later if benefits were real or coincidental
Number of headaches per month reduced in phase 3 trial

November 28

Men had higher measures of cardiometabolic risk overall
AM-111 helped one subgroup; second study terminated early
Removing chemicals that made Teflon slippery saves billions in health care costs

November 27

The concept: Subsidize healthy foods and tax unhealthy ones
Fine-tuning implanted lens may help some patients skip eyeglasses
About 3 in 10 Americans younger than age 65 may have arthritis

November 22

New combo is a maintenance treatment for virologically suppressed HIV-1

November 21

Researchers find opioid-agonist treatment saves lives and money compared with detox
Tirasemtiv did not differentiate itself from placebo in phase 3 study
Instead of targeting CD19 on the surface of cancer cells, new approach targets CD22
Four in 10 U.S. cases and deaths are linked to risk factors we can change
Approach could help slow growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria

November 20

Needle length and dose target patients weighing 16.5 to 33 pounds