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March 15

More drugs or more costly drugs are being prescribed, industry trade group says
Risk approaches 13% for women who fall ill early in pregnancy
Alexion announces positive top-line results for ALXN1210 in PNH
Increased risk of high-frequency hearing loss pegged at 60%
Janssen drug targets metastatic urothelial cancer, marked by poor outcomes

March 13

Researchers say this real-world study in Canada should also apply to the U.S.
The results from a seven-year study were “entirely unexpected”
Generic competition pushed back to at least mid-2018
Report identifies critical need to minimize financial toxicity and increase access
Nearly 64% achieved healthy levels after barbers promoted follow-up

March 12

Sollpura didn’t meet noninferiority endpoint versus Pancreaze
Cardiovascular death, heart failure hospitalization decrease
In one case, a required postmarket surveillance study hasn’t even started
Regeneron, Sanofi offer price reductions

March 8

Insurers, PBMs respond by blaming drug-makers for steep prices
Injectable Trogarzo targets multidrug-resistant disease
St. Jude Medical valve aids in treatment of birth defects
A negative result in the 23andMe test doesn’t rule out increased cancer risk
Steps needed to mass-produce vaccines using cell-based and other technologies

March 6

American College of Physicians ups A1c limit to 8%